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Why Trees Fall According to a Trusted Tree Service Provider

What Can Cause a Tree to Fall?

Trees are a beautiful and necessary part of our environment, but they can also pose a danger when they fall. Understanding the reasons why trees fall can help us prevent them from falling and causing damage or injury. Here are some common causes of tree failure according to a trusted tree service provider:

Natural causes: Trees may fall due to natural causes such as wind, lightning, or heavy snow. Strong winds can cause a tree to lean too far in one direction, making it unstable and more likely to fall. Similarly, heavy snow or ice can put a lot of pressure on a tree, causing it to fall.

Disease: Trees can also fall due to diseases that weaken the structure of the tree. Fungi, bacteria, and pests can all cause a tree to become diseased, making it more likely to fall. A tree that is diseased will often have visible signs such as discoloration, wilting, or rot.

Age: As a tree age, it becomes weaker and more vulnerable to falling. Old trees may have hollowed trunks or brittle branches that are more likely to break.

Root damage: The roots of a tree are what hold it in place, so any damage to the roots can cause a tree to fall. This can be caused by construction work, soil compaction, or even heavy foot traffic.

Human-related: Trees can also fall due to human-related causes such as improper pruning, or cutting too much of the tree. This can cause the tree to become unbalanced and more likely to fall.

Preventing a tree from falling can be as simple as identifying and addressing the problem early on. Regularly inspecting your trees for signs of disease, damage, or other issues can help you catch problems before they become serious. Additionally, hiring a professional arborist to prune and care for your trees can help prevent them from falling.

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