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Maintenance and Growing Instructions by Landscaping Contractors

Hawaiian Pothos: How to Grow and Take Care of It

Hawaiian pothos is renowned for being incredibly difficult to kill, so even green-fingered houseplant enthusiasts can give this species a try. Watch out for overwatering, shake out trailing vines periodically to prevent tangling, and provide sunny conditions without direct sunshine to see the best variegation. Here are some Hawaiian pothos caring tips recommended by professional landscaping contractors.


While choosing potting soil, Hawaiian pothos isn’t picky as long as you choose something that drains effectively. This plant does not like wet feet. So, if you only have heavy potting soil, consider adding some perlite, peat moss, or more environmentally friendly coco coir to improve drainage. Your pothos shouldn’t complain if all you have is a dry, rocky mixture.


Hawaiian pothos is most frequently killed by overwatering. Although these plants can tolerate some neglect, standing water causes root rot. Before watering, allow the soil to completely dry out. Avoid doing this by eye; instead, probe the soil with your finger or a moisture meter to be certain. The drooping of your plant’s leaves typically indicates that it is thirsty. The edges of the glossy leaves could dry up and turn brown if you wait too long.


The Hawaiian pothos’ capacity to endure diverse lighting situations is a huge plus. Because of its shade tolerance, it is a common bathroom plant. Instead, place your plant in an area that receives bright yet indirect light to observe the healthiest development and stunning variegation. If your plant receives insufficient light, it may revert to a less appealing solid green, and direct sunlight can bleach the leaves. While the Hawaiian pothos doesn’t enjoy spending a lot of time in the sun, it does require slightly brighter circumstances than the golden pothos to produce the best variegation.

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