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Additional Lawn Care Tips

Know About Common Lawn Diseases

Without the right lawn care, your lawn would be susceptible to common lawn diseases. If you are not aware of these, then keep reading to give yourself an idea on what to do or when to call an expert. Listed below are the causes, symptoms, and treatments for each of the most common lawn diseases.

Pythium blight fungi

Itching, brown patches, and bald spots are all signs of lawn diseases. All of these problems are caused by the presence of a fungus called Pythium blight. The first symptom of this disease is the sudden appearance of small brown or white patches on your lawn. As the disease progresses, these patches will merge and spread. The infection will then cause the grass to turn brown and eventually die. The good news is that this disease is easily cured. Just follow these lawn care instructions to avoid its recurrence.

Soilborne fungi

A soilborne fungal disease that mainly affects warm-season grasses. This disease causes rough or scabby areas on your lawn. The fungus overwinters in the soil and is present in the spring when the weather is warm. It will infect the grassroots, leading to pale spots and eventually death. This disease is often mistaken for bald spots, but the two are not the same. If you remove the infected grass and replant it, the new grass will be affected by this disease. This is why it is important to remove and destroy the entire infected area. A soil-borne fungal disease that attacks cool-season grasses. This disease causes rough patches on your lawn. It is often mistaken for Pythiumblight, which is the fungus that causes the disease listed above. However, this fungal disease will cause the grass to turn brown and die. It is also recommended to remove the entire infected area to prevent its spread.

There are so many other types of lawn diseases that you should be careful of. To avoid them or to prevent them from spreading on your lawn in Fort Lauderdale, FL, hiring experts to take care of your lawn is your best option. A lawn care expert that you can rely on is Dwaine Landscaping & Tree Inc.. Know more about our services by calling us at (954) 792-4005.

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