Lawn Care

We run a specialist lawn care company,

and over these pages we hope to share with you some of the know how we use, and recommend customers use, to look after their lawns in this most challenging of environments.

We are certain that you’ll be impressed with our professional service inFort Lauderdale FL, not just once but over and over again! Our licensed, certified and fully insured lawn care professionals love what they do, which is why we go above and beyond to provide you exceptional service in Fort Lauderdale FL. It’s the reason we’ve been setting the bar in lawn care service in Fort Lauderdale FL and surrounding areas for over 14 years and will continue to do so for years to come. What can we offer?

We offer professional lawn care in Fort Lauderdale FL.

We offer a professional service – essentially taking the know-how from our extensive experience and reworking it to suit the domestic environment. A lot of the lawn care projects, that we take on initially are regeneration projects – so they are failing lawns for one reason or another and our company turns them into something to be proud of: a lush, green and beautiful landscape.
We use different kind of techniques to achieve that beautiful lawn look. A more sustainable option than turfing, our company uses a range of techniques to get lawns back in shape after years of neglect. Our team of experts tackle very weedy lawns, very mossy lawns and lawns that are bare and lacking in color and vigour.
We can also give advice on the root cause of the problems – be this shade from trees, mowing too infrequently, bad mowing practice  insect infestation and the knock on effect of damage from animals such as badgers or foxes, or soil structure. Call us at (954) 792-4005. We are also tree services specialists.

Reach us at (954) 792-4005

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